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The Ladies of the Press**Issue: 1 : 2 :


Cluster Arts Magazine is a annual interdisciplinary arts magazine published by Čavić & O'Drobinak arts press, aka the ladies of the press* investigating notions of performance and perfomativity in print. We 'cluster' participants from various fields of the arts to take part in a process based publication that treats the page as a primary space for live art. Artists, writers, performers, architects and other creative minds are invited to contribute original works in various stages of progress that engage specifically with the printed form, each page operating as its own site. We invite participants to put forward proposals and collaborate with us in investigating the backstage of the editorial process at every stage of development, seeing the publication from concept through to completion. The form and content of the magazine evolves from issue to issue, reflecting its interest in experiments within its own production process.

Issue 1 of Cluster Arts Magazine, As Many Works as Dots, is the culmination of intense periods of collaboration, packed full of fun, friction, and pages of creative potential. It is an experiment staging an exhibition of 50 original works interacting within the pages of the magazine bound by a process-based piece developed for the magazine by artist Jon Meyer, proposing to retain the essence of live art in the printed form.

Issue 2: Act Two stages Cluster at its most theatrical; we asked contributors to respond to the theme "two" in the broadest possible way, from acetate graphs to liquid latex. Accompanied by a "see-through" and literally greasy preview issue and events to coincide with the 'two' publications, Two is a tactile issue that only exists as a limited edition.

We aim to develop a creative community through Cluster, in London and elsewhere, establishing relationships and a forum for further collaborations, on and off the page.

Please contact us for more information.