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Turtle Live Press 2007

Our collaboration began in 2007 with a performative piece of work for the Turtle Image/Music/Text exhibition, artist Michael H Shamberg's anarchic salon. The “Turtle Live Press”, as we called it, was ‘a performative approach to documentation’ culminating in a series of publications which lived up to its name: it was literally a live press. The publication served as an alternative site to exhibit small-scale works, on-the-go documentation; not to mention, it was a great place to sip some freshly brewed coffee and exchange some freshly brewed ideas. Submissions from exhibitors and visitors alike ranged from page-specific interventions to academic essays—in sum, Turtle live press was another exhibition happening on paper.

Turtle is an on-going, travelling exhibition. More information about future Turtle events featuring “Turtle Live Press” can be found at

Kvinnor för fred

We were commissioned to design an exhibition catalogue for Kvinnor för fred (Women for Peace), curated by Anita Wernström, held in April 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden.

9 From Slade

A comission for a catalogue for a curated exhibition in Huddinge, Sweden.
Cover image courtesy of Malin Ståhl. Published by Fullerta Bio Konsthall, Huddinge.
Supported by Huddinge Kommun, Huge Fastigheter AB, Huddinge Konstiärsklubb.