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about cluster stockists submitting coffee?

The Ladies of the Press**Issue: 1 : 2 :

Submission guidelines

We are completely open to various formats of submissions, and are happy to discuss what extraordinary things you propose. But, of course, there are certain digital formats we prefer if you intend to submit complete works. So here they are:

Texts : are generally to be around 1000 words, but then our first issue had somebody’s full dissertation. We’re quite flexible. You can submit them as a plain text, Microsoft Word or InDesign files. We would rather you not give us PDFs.

Images : should be print quality, 300dpi ideally at A5 size, CMYK and colour-balanced. We prefer tiff files but jpegs are fine as long as long as they are high resolution.

Time-based work : We have previously adapted time-based work to function specifically for the page, and we will be happy to talk to you about what form this could take. There is also an opportunity to show time-based work and live performance at our launch parties, and we have developed projects that coincide on and off the page.

Please submit your work to cluster [at]